The society was established actually on 14th November 2012 during a symposium “Spiders of the Greater Mekong Region” at Pakse, Laos, organized by Peter Jäger (Germany), Bounthob Praxaysombath and Liphone Nophaseud (Laos). The original idea to establish the society was proposed by Peter Jäger, Shuqiang Li and Hirotsugu Ono, several years before that time.

The first announcement of the society was published at the International Society of Arachnology (ISA) on December12, 2012, as follows:

Dear ISA members,
Please find below a short report on the recent spider symposium held in Laos. Of particular significance here, is that, this meeting acted as platform for the foundation of a new society, the Asian Society of Arachnology, with Hirotsugu Ono as its first President. On behalf of the ISA council I would like to welcome this new society and wish them every success in promoting the subject in this region. Coupled with next year’s congress in Taiwan, I hope that we will see many positive developments in Asian arachnology in the coming years.

Yours sincerely,
Jason Dunlop (Secretariat)

Dear Colleagues of Arachnology,

A symposium “Spiders of the Greater Mekong Region” organized by Peter Jäger (Germany), Bounthob Praxaysombath and Liphone Nophaseud (Laos) was successfully held at Pakse, Laos, for three days from the 12th to 14th November 2012. As seen in the following photograph, more than fifty arachnologists and their family members from China, India, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, as well as from the European countries of Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, The Netherlands, Poland and the United Kingdom participated. Many of them enjoyed and studied various spiders such as Platythomisus etc. during a seven day excursion and workshop at the Tad Etu Resort following the symposium.

The symposium was also of importance as the first meeting of the “Asian Society of Arachnology” (ASA), which was recently founded as the last event on the 14th November with signatures of the participants on the original statutes of the society. We aim to bring the Asian Arachnology closer to the international level, sending information about the unknown world of Asian arachnids.

Zhang Feng (China), Emma McCarroll Shaw (Thailand at present), David John Court (Singapore), Ganesh Vankhede (India), Patchanee Vichitbandha (Thailand), Manju Siliwal (India), Seema Keswani (India) and Prasit Wongprom (Thailand) were elected as the eight ASA council members.

Since details of day-to-day operation of the society have yet to be decided by Li Shuqiang – who kindly took the post of secretary of the Society in Beijing – further information, including how to join with the society will be sent on the same mailing list as soon as the website goes online.

Everything is a challenge for Asia, so any advice and support for our new society would be greatly appreciated. Warmest wishes for a bright holiday seasons.

Truly yours,
Hirotsugu Ono (President)